Why Choose Salem Swim?

Why Choose Salem Swim?

Why Choose Salem Swim? Learning to swim is a life-saving skill, and nobody does it better than Salem Swim!  Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children ages 5 & under, and participation in formal swim lessons reduces the risk of drowning by 88%.  Additionally, children who learn to swim at a young age have a physical and academic advantage over their non-swimming peers.

Salem Swim teaches not only life-saving swimming lessons but the joys of movement in the water that will last a lifetime. Our priority is to teach children to swim well and to love and respect the water.  Warm water, warm air, friendly staff, small student-teacher ratios and a proven curriculum produce comfortable students who are ready to learn and thrive!

Salem Swim also focuses on correct techniques so students learn to swim well.  Professional instruction is given to non-floaters through advanced stroke techniques, kick strengthening and endurance building. Perfect for both recreational swimmers and summer league athletes, Salem enables swimmers of all levels the ability to begin the next season stronger in the water than when they left it last season!

Salem Swim houses two warm water pools.
Salem Swim houses two warm water pools with state-of-the-art filtration and sanitation systems to insure safe, clear water for our students and staff. The smaller pool (25′ x 15′) is designed specifically for our youngest students, with wide steps that allow parents easy access to the water.  The larger pool (25′ x 50′) can accommodate several classes at once for children of all abilities. The use of noodles, kickboards, mirrors, portable platforms and more means each of our students can have an experience tailored to their needs. There are large viewing windows from the lobby to the pools, as well as exterior windows that provide both natural light and scenic views of the woods and pond. On-deck showers and changing facilities are designed with families in mind.


Salem Swim offers year-round, 30-minute group lessons and 20-minute private lessons, allowing you to make swimming a regular part of your weekly activities. This is the best way to encourage and maintain the water safety and fitness benefits that swimming offers, as well as ensure they start the next swim season stronger than before!


Salem Swim provides swim classes based on age and ability. With a curriculum approved by the US Swim School Association’s established guidelines, this isn’t your typical kick-and-splash class. Our instructors are well-trained to guide children with encouragement through developmentally appropriate activities that promote safety and teach children to swim well.

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Picture of Beth Morphis, Co-owner/President, Salem Gymnastics & Swim

Beth Morphis, Co-owner/President, Salem Gymnastics & Swim

Beth is the President & Co-Owner of Salem Gymnastics & Swim as well as the Founder of GymStart. She has also been a long-time NC-USAG Board Member and a speaker at both USAG State and Regional Congresses and SwimConsultant seminars.

Totally Kids Summer Camps at Salem Gymnastics & Swim

School Break Camps

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Our Totally Kids Camps provide an experience that kids won’t get anywhere else! In our camps kids get MORE of Salem!  MORE swim, MORE gymnastics, MORE FUN!  Totally Kids Camps are totally Salem giving your child a month’s worth of Salem in every week with TWO swim lessons and TWO gymnastics lessons in EVERY camp, taught by our professionally trained staff.  In addition to learning the life saving skills of swimming and the agility of gymnastics, kids also enjoy various activities and games throughout the week. Entire School break camp balance will be drafted at the time of enrollment. Fees are non-refundable, but transferrable up to 7 days prior to event. Campers 5 and up will bring their own lunch. Snacks are provided.