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Parent with the Wisdom of Conscious Discipline

Do you ever wish you had help parenting your child?

Free Parenting Class at Salem Gymnastics & Swim
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Many parents feel inadequate when it comes to the complex duties of raising a child.  Lacking a PhD in psychology or a “Parenting for Dummies” manual, many simply mimic the way they were raised…. or they try to do the exact opposite!

Would you like to be able to maintain household discipline while helping your child learn self-control, to feel better about themselves and show more compassion? We can help you create an environment that is caring, connected, effective and safe. In this class, you will practice new skills, increase your parenting confidence, and build community with other like-minded parents.

Parenting Strategies Will Teach You How To:

Camps and Events: Parenting Class

Parenting Class

On-Site Child Care Available

Learn some strategies for calming your child so that everyone in your family can be the best they can be. One 3 hour workshop will include adult education time as well as time to practice strategies with your children. During the adult education times, the children aged 3 and up will participate in “fun gym” activities. Smaller children will be in an age-appropriate childcare room. This workshop is appropriate for parents of ANY age child.

$75 includes 2 adults and 1 child. 

Additional children will be $25/$20/$15each

* After you click below and register one person for the workshop, you will receive an email asking you to provide the names of any other participants from your family, including the ages of any children who will be attending.

Totally Kids Summer Camps at Salem Gymnastics & Swim

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Our Totally Kids Camps provide an experience that kids won’t get anywhere else! In our camps kids get MORE of Salem!  MORE swim, MORE gymnastics, MORE FUN!  Totally Kids Camps are totally Salem giving your child a month’s worth of Salem in every week with TWO swim lessons and TWO gymnastics lessons in EVERY camp, taught by our professionally trained staff.  In addition to learning the life saving skills of swimming and the agility of gymnastics, kids also enjoy various activities and games throughout the week. Entire School break camp balance will be drafted at the time of enrollment. Campers 5 and up will bring their own lunch. Snacks are provided.