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Since 1980, we have been offering programs based on the premise that children are made to move. We believe that with proper instruction, all children can learn to move well, both in the water and in the gym.

Salem Gymnastics teaches the ultimate foundation for lifelong moving, increased agility, strength, flexibility and balance as well as enhanced concentration and focus. At Salem Swim, our priority is to teach the children to swim well and to love and respect the water in a warm, nurturing environment. It is proven that young children who participate regularly in formal swim lessons have a reduced risk of drowning by 88% and receive physical and academic benefits over their non-swimming peers.

We are proud founding members of the Hope Floats Foundation

We strive to help ALL kids in our community!

“The Hope Floats Foundation is a partnership of caring businesses, individuals and swim schools that give back to the community and make a difference by saving lives every day through the life-saving gift of swimming.” – Cindy Tonnesen, Hope Floats Founder

Together, we conduct fundraisers and send all money raised to Hope Floats @ Salem Swim.  Hope Floats places the funds into a “Salem Swim Bucket” that’s designated for our community.

Are you interested in applying for a scholarship through Hope Floats? Click here to apply and as soon as you are approved we will be in touch to register you for classes.

I love Salem Gymnastics & Swim! Great teachers and everyone is professional and friendly. My daughter is in gymnastics and swim and she loves it so much that she wants to go every day!

So you want to start gymnastics; what now?

You have probably already heard all about the benefits of this sport in a child’s life. You know that gymnastics starts a healthy lifestyle early, increases flexibility, strengthens muscles, develops strong social skills, improves coordination, creates a strong work ethic and provides the ultimate base training for all sports.

The question is, now that you know you want to participate in this sport what’s next? How can you find the best place for your child, what should you be looking for?

This is where we come in! Your child can benefit on various levels from Salem Gymnastics. Our 40+ years of success is a testament that your child can undoubtedly benefit in BIG ways in ALL of our programs!

What is the best age to start swim lessons?

One of the most common questions for any swim school is “when is the best time to enroll my child in lessons?” Fortunately, this has an easy answer: the sooner the better! Salem Swim is proud to offer lessons starting at the age of three months because we understand the advantages of being in the water for ALL ages.

Did you know that a reflex called the bradycardic response makes babies hold their breath when submerged in water? You can see this at home just by blowing on your baby’s face. Also, if you hold an infant belly down in the water, with their head above the water, they will move their arms and legs in a way that looks very similar to swimming. Of course this doesn’t mean your little one is water proficient, but it shows that the instincts present at birth pave the way for babies that can swim.

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Our Totally Kids Camps provide an experience that kids won’t get anywhere else! In our camps kids get MORE of Salem!  MORE swim, MORE gymnastics, MORE FUN!  Totally Kids Camps are totally Salem giving your child a month’s worth of Salem in every week with TWO swim lessons and TWO gymnastics lessons in EVERY camp, taught by our professionally trained staff.  In addition to learning the life saving skills of swimming and the agility of gymnastics, kids also enjoy various activities and games throughout the week. Entire School break camp balance will be drafted at the time of enrollment. Fees are non-refundable, but transferrable up to 7 days prior to event. Campers 5 and up will bring their own lunch. Snacks are provided.