Xcel Silver Music

Option ONE-This option will be at NO additional cost and will be taught DURING practice sometime during the month of August. This will be a basic routine (the easiest of the two options) that will be suitable for anyone in Xcel Silver. The song will be Happy Working Song and it will consist of basic gymnastics and dance skills and is appropriate for all types of performers (even those a little shy or reserved).


Option TWO-This option will have a choreography fee of $50 which includes TWO MANDATORY choreography sessions to be held outside of regular practice. The song for this routine is Boy from New York City and will require a fair amount of form, flexibility and showmanship and is for those gymnasts that really want to “show it off” and work outside their comfort zone.

Mandatory Choreography Sessions for Boy from New York City
August 19-4:00-5:30
August 20-12:00-1:30
*additional clean-up sessions will be available.

I would encourage your gymnast to listen to both the choices several times as well as look at and consider all the requirements for each. Make sure they pick the song choice which is best for them and not just what their friends are doing. Both song choices will have different options for tumbling skills and leaps and jumps and these choices will be made on an individual basis. I will ask that each team member choose their choice by no later than July 1. Please have them be careful with their selection because once they make a choice they will have to commit to that option. There will be no changing choices once choreography starts.
As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Charlene DeVito