What is the best age to start swim lessons?

One of the most common questions for any swim school is “when is the best time to enroll my child in lessons?” Fortunately, this has an easy answer: the sooner the better! Salem Gymnastics & Swim is proud to offer lessons starting at the age of three months because we understand the advantages of being in the water for ALL ages.

Did you know that a reflex called the bradycardic response makes babies hold their breath when submerged in water? You can see this at home just by blowing on your baby’s face. Also, if you hold an infant belly down in the water, with their head above the water, they will move their arms and legs in a way that looks very similar to swimming. Of course this doesn’t mean your little one is water proficient, but it shows that the instincts present at birth pave the way for babies that can swim.

Babies are not born with a fear of the water, and starting lessons as early as possible helps keep baby happy and comfortable in the water. Studies show over and over that babies and children learn better in a fun, supportive environment. Salem Swim curriculum is designed to give students a positive experience, which leads to success, which results in confidence and a desire to learn more. Supported by warm, soft water that provides buoyancy and natural muscular resistance to their movements, babies grow stronger and smarter. Salem students are taught by a caring instructor at a natural pace which is individualized for each child.

Starting baby in swim lessons early gives your child an advantage to learn water safety skills, and swim abilities at a young age. Besides giving students the edge in the pool, swim lessons also provide benefits like increased strength, improved social development, and swim students are on average almost 18 months academically ahead of their non-swimming peers. You can read more about these benefits here.

Salem Gymnastics & Swim has been providing premier swim lessons to the triad for over four years, we understand the best way to teach each age, and the benefits that come from starting lessons early. We are excited to continue teaching adults, children, and babies starting at three months, the life saving skill of swimming.


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