Top 10 Reasons Summer Gymnastics is Sensational

  1.  Gymnastics is a muscle memory sport

Muscle memory is the ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought, acquired as a result of frequent repetition of that movement.  Much like playing an instrument gymnastics take practice-consistent practice.  Engaging in classes at Salem Gymnastics during the summer months ensures regular practice and increases progress.

  1.  More gym space

Summer hours allow us to spread classes over more time, which means more available gym space.  If your child has ever wanted to use the back part of the gym such as the team beams or swing on the pit bar, summer is the perfect time to be in class!  

  1.  Keeps your child active

We will keep your child active and happy!  Those summer days can be long, and every parent hears “I’m bored” too many times.  Gymnastics classes at Salem are the perfect blend of fun and exercise, and will keep your kid so busy they won’t have time to even think about being bored.  

  1.  Develops skills for school  

Summer is a time kids want a break from work-no reading, math, or writing.  The great news is you can help them with all of these skills in the gym, and they won’t even know it!  Multiple studies have proven that movements like swinging, twisting and rolling help the vestibular system develop properly, which directly affects their reading ability and math skills.  Even the muscles they are building help-all those little muscles in the hands- are strengthened and are used every day in school when they are writing anything from their name to pages of lecture notes.

  1.  Develops social skills and enhances self-confidence  

Group classes at Salem are the perfect arena for children to hone their social intelligence.  As groups learn and master new skills each child gains confidence, which translates to other aspects of their life.

  1.  Encourages exploration

This time away from school is the perfect opportunity to try something new.  Childhood is about exploring, finding their interests, and pushing boundaries.  The colorful, inviting gymnastics floor paired with Salem’s amazing coaches help even the most apprehensive child explore and have fun.

  1.  Unbeatable coaches

No matter when you practice gymnastics it is imperative you have only the best coaches, with extensive training, and that is what you get at Salem Gymnastics.  Every single one of our instructors are passionate about the sport and have a combined lifetime of experience. Our coaches are driven by a single question: “What is best for the child?”

  1.  Safe environment

Kids are made to move!  Unfortunately the living room, bedroom, or even outdoors, is not always the safest place for them to be trying flips and cartwheels.  We provide a soft, motion promoting environment with state of the art equipment and supervision. This allows kids to test their limits-and break through-in a secure way.

  1.  Better sleep

It can be hard to keep up with all that energy kids seem to have an endless supply of.  Letting them burn off some of that intensity by running, jumping, and playing at Salem will help them, and you, sleep better at night.

  1.  Gymnastics is for EVERYONE!

It is often assumed that gymnastics is filled with people that have demanding training schedules, and a competitive nature-this is most emphatically not the case.  The benefits of gymnastics, many of which are detailed above, are for every person, and extend far beyond just our sport. Many football players, dancers, snowboarders, and cheerleaders have a background in gymnastics.  No matter where your child is headed the lessons learned in gymnastics will be there to support them in their growth.


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