Gold Medal Fun Meet

All Red Team & Blue Team Girls and select Recreational Boys are invited to compete!
Please choose one of the following:

Gold Medal Gymnastics Meet

It’s the highlight of the year!  Experience the fun of a real gymnastics meet with an appreciative audience and lots of awards including an all-around trophy! Every child will go home with personal growth and awards to show off and parents will experience the joy of seeing their child strive to be the best they can be!

Every Red Team & Blue Team girl and select Recreational boys are invited to participate

5:30 pm Friday, May 31
$50 entry fee


Gold Medal Day Show

Boys & girls will show their routines and receive a commemorative Gold Medal.

Saturday, June 1
Boys – 12:20pm
Girls – 1:00pm
No entry fee


 Please register your child for either the Gold Medal Gymnastics Meet or regular Gold Medal Day Show.

Girls:  Ask Mr Jeff DeVito;
Boys:  Ask Mr. Chris 

Does your Red or Blue team daughter need a tutorial?
View the routines Here!



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