Salem Swim Coming This Summer

New Learn to Swim Program at Salem

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Swim Program Coming 2016

Breaking Ground for Salem SwimSalem Gymnastics Sports Center is ready to jump in and get their feet wet! Really! In addition to all the programs regularly offered – gymnastics, martial arts, tumbling and dance-nastics (ballet,tap and gymnastics) – there’s more coming!

A new swimming program, Salem Swim, is slated to open this coming summer. June 2016 is the target completion date for the expanded, indoor facility. This new program is targeted specifically to teach non-swimmers from six months of age and up.

Salem Gymnastics Sports Center is a member of the US Swim School Association (USSSA), the largest in the country. USSSA has 400 member schools in 39 states and 16 countries worldwide. Their charge is to “provide swimming and water safety instruction to approximately 500,000 annually.”

For 35 years, we’ve taught the joys of movement through gymnastics, martial arts, dance and more. With the addition of Salem Swim, we’re excited to teach not only an important lifetime skill, but the joy of movement in the water.” – Beth Morphis, Director and Co-Owner

Swim Director Mike Wood will lead the program. Mike relocated from Minnesota and has multiple years of experience with swim schools. He was a swimmer during high school and college and was an assistant aquatics director for  programs in Minnesota.

Salem Swim Architect Sketch

The new facility will house two pools. Both will be four feet deep with a warm water temperature of 89 degrees; the air temperature will be 92 degrees. The pools will have large windows with a view of the lake and wooded area, as well as large viewing windows from the lobby to the pool. Entry will be through the existing entrance, with new access doors to the pool area through the existing lobby.

One pool will be 25’ x 15’ and will be for the parent/tot classes. A crawling bench will be on the edge of the pool where water will be at babies’ elbow level. This pool will be in an area where there will be fewer distractions for the small students.

The other pool is much larger – 25’ x 50’. Lanes will be set up as teaching stations to accommodate multiple classes. Seating benches will be available.

The dressing room will be co-ed, but with locking privacy doors. The ambiance is designed with families in mind.


• Pre-registration is anticipated to begin in April.

• Classes are planned for morning, after lunch, after school, and Saturdays, and will be 30 minutes in length.

• Parent /tot classes (six months to 36 months) are designed to teach children basic skills, such as floating and breath control, while simultaneously teaching their parents how to be comfortable and safe in the water.

• Teaching ratio is 4:1 for most classes; parent/tots ratio is 6:1.

• In addition to Aquatics Director Mike Wood, Salem plans to hire several swim instructors.

• Salem Swim’s focus is entirely on learn-to- swim, with no teams.

According to, approximately ten people drown each day in the US. It is estimated that 54% of Americans cannot swim well enough to save themselves. “75% of our planet is water – can you swim?” (Author unknown) Swimming is an important skill that many need to learn!

Visit our Learn-To-Swim Program page for more information! 


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