Salem Gymnastics & Swim Lays a Good Foundation for Life

Happy Children with Sunglasses

From a very early age, children understand the importance of movement. Far before academic success comes into play, children begin sorting out their social status on the playground using ladders, monkey bars, balls and races as the benchmark where they see themselves as either “can do” kids or not. Sadly, long before kindergarten starts, many children already view themselves as “awkward” or “clumsy”, and therefore shut down, becoming non-movers for life.

Fortunately, Salem Gymnastics & Swim knows how to lay the foundation that gives each child the confidence to succeed not only on the playground, but wherever their passions lead them.

Salem’s preschool gymnastics programs are based on the premise that all children are made to move, and with proper instruction, they all can learn to move well. This leads not only to physical success, but success in the classroom. Scientific studies prove that exercise activates the brain, so what you see, and what you get, are people who are mentally sharper. Active children are more attentive, they’re less impulsive and they’re less fidgety. They can sustain their attention longer, promoting their ability to sort through information and take it in. Salem’s students also learn social skills such as sharing, taking turns and cooperation, which are quite valuable for someone looking ahead to Kindergarten!

For over 35 years Salem has set the foundation for an active lifestyle in thousands of local preschoolers, starting with 1 and 2 years old in Parent/Tot classes. Through the help of their fun loving staff, parents teach their children to explore the world around them in new and exciting ways. Children develop rapidly during these first years, and early development stimulates learning skills. A child may roll down a padded incline, swing on tiny bars, possibly stop for a game of hoops then it’s off to the trampoline or the ever popular “pit”! In this class, Moms and Dads help their child boldly go where no toddler has gone before!

Children age 3-5 enjoy the popular Tumbleweeds gymnastics classes where movement, music and imagination come together to create an unforgettable experience.This professionally structured program is designed to develop motor and social skills, but our Tumbleweeds would never know it! Using elements such as eye/hand and eye/foot coordination, along with jumping , agility, motor skills, balance, inversions, weight transfers, rolling and twisting the Tumbleweed program gives preschoolers a well-rounded platform for an active future. Tumbleweeds climb through pirate ships, move like animals, play at the circus and much MORE, making each week a new adventure in movement.

Providing quality physical education is fundamental for every child. Think of it this way: To say “my child is just not athletic – we won’t enroll him in a movement class” is like saying “my child is not good in math – let’s focus on something else”. This is backwards thinking – in reality, the less athletic child needs movement instruction even more! When children know how to move well, they gain confidence and learn to appreciate the joys of an active lifestyle. This is something they will carry with them throughout their lives, whether they play sports or simply enjoy the sport of life.


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