Salem Gymnastics’ Active Academy

I wanted to let you know that I am working with 3 different daycares with remote learning.  I have been so pleased with Salem Gymnastics. Your children are coming prepared for whole group and small group learning!  I know it is hard not knowing what is going on in your absence but I applaud them for having your children ready. It makes such a difference! Have a wonderful day!

WSFCS Kindergarten Teacher, 9/2020

Salem Gymnastics’ Active Academy features:

  • Small classroom “pods” of 6 – 8 children spaced for social distancing.
  • Each pod has a Classroom Leader dedicated to that pod.  Leaders ensure that each student is logged into their home school at their assigned times, ready to learn. Leaders assist children in staying on task, insure they complete their assignments, encourage their best work, and answer any questions. Classroom Leaders serve as liaisons between you, your child, and your child’s school teacher.
  • Children enjoy daily gymnastics and outdoor time plus swimming on Fridays!

In addition:

  • Salem Gymnastics & Swim follows CDC guidelines in regards to all of our programs.
  • Children are masked throughout the day, and stay 6 feet apart as much as possible, including in their classroom, with mandatory hand washing and sanitizing throughout the day.
  • Salem performs regular disinfection of our entire facility, including classrooms.


  • Active Academy (8:00-3:00)        $2124/quarter        
  • Morning care from 7:00am             $15/day; max. $800/quarter    
  • Afternoon care until 6:00pm          $30/day; max. $1200/quarter

Entry into Salem Gymnastics’ Active Academy requires a 1st quarter commitment (prices pro-rated for late enrollment).  


We understand that this is an unusual time for both you and your children.  We are thankful for the space that we have, and the ability to use it in new and meaningful ways.  Our hope is to provide a stable, enriching environment for your child to thrive academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.  Let us help your child succeed!


Space is limited! Please direct any questions to

We look forward to helping your child navigate a new, exciting school year!