Swim Team Prep

Salem Gymnastics & SwimThis supplemental class is designed to prepare students for future swim team competitions, as well as to provide fun exercise, and practice for those who just love swimming.  The long length of the pool will be open during this time, allowing for greater distance swims in a more challenging environment.

Instructors will lead students through series of dry land strength enhancers, swim exercises that improve stroke technique, and help swimmers:

* Build endurance
* Perfect starting routine
* Increase speed
* Master flip turns
* Learn relay races
* Have LOTS OF FUN!!!

This is a 2x/week program.  Swimmers must enroll in both of the Swim Team Prep Classes OR be concurrently enrolled in a weekly Level 5/6 class (Level 4 allowed by teacher recommendation).   $109 for 2x/week

To register for Swim Team Prep, contact info@salemgym.com.