Meet Matthew, age 3

At Salem Gymnastics & Swim we love watching all our students grow in ability and confidence.  Matthew started swimming with us as a baby shortly after opening our swim program, and it has been a joy watching him go from timid to fearless!
Recently Matthew’s mother, Ann, sat down and answered some questions for us regarding Matthew’s swimming:
When did Matthew start swimming lessons?  What was it like his first few lessons?
Matthew started swimming lessons at Salem Swim in October 2016.  He was almost 2 at the time, so he started in a parent/tot class. 
Had he taken any swimming lessons before he came to Salem?
Matthew had not had any formal swim lessons, but he had been exposed to the water.  His first few times in the water, he did not like it at all.
Why did you choose Salem Swim?
Matthew’s older sister was in the gymnastics program at Salem and loved it.  We were so excited when they added the pool and began offering swim lessons.  His sister began lessons right away and Matthew started a few months later.
Is there anything else you think parents would like to know about Salem Swim?
Everyone at Salem Swim is so friendly and helpful!  Both of my children have excellent instructors who encourage them to do their best.  The facilities are clean and kept at an appropriate temperature for the swimmers.  Our family has had a great experience with Salem Swim and I would highly recommend them for swim lessons!
Matthew is an amazing little swimmer, and your kid can be too!  By signing up at Salem Swim you are helping your child not only learn to swim, but also master life saving skills, and develop a life long love of water.

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