COVID-19 Updates from Salem Gymnastics & Swim

Reopening updates — Published May 31

We are beyond excited to welcome you back to Salem Gymnastics & Swim. This update is to inform you of changes to expect when you return to class. Please read it carefully so you will be better prepared to support our new processes.

–When you arrive at Salem, please park your car and walk your child to the door. You will be warmly greeted and SCREENED AT THE DOOR: “Have you, or anyone in your home, been sick? Is anyone in your home currently running a fever or experiencing flu like symptoms?” If so, we ask you please to not come to Salem that day, but to call the Business Office and we will be happy to reschedule your class.
If you have an older child that you wish to drop off, they need to be able to answer these questions for themselves.
–Please limit ONE PARENT PER CHILD to enter the building.
–Children should arrive DRESSED AND READY FOR CLASS. Our changing room is closed to the public.
–Please BRING A STRING BAG for personal items, such as shoes. We have closed our cubbies, so students’ bags will remain with them at all times.
–Our WATER FOUNTAINS ARE CLOSED, so send a water bottle with your child to be kept in their bag. Ensure that the water bottle closes tightly.
–SEATING IS LIMITED to the bleachers for gymnastics and a small area in the pool for swim. Parents are encouraged to stay in their cars when possible during class. If you come inside, please physical distance. If you must bring a sibling with you that is not in class, they must remain seated in your lap during class.
–We have FLOOR MARKERS & SIGNS to help keep people 6’ apart. Please talk to your children about the importance of this and following instructions.
–At the END OF GYMNASTICS CLASS, if parents are in the bleachers, they should come down and meet your child at the dismissal gate. If you are in the car, please walk to the EXIT door to pick up your child.
–At the END OF SWIM CLASS (20 minute private lessons), if parents are on the pool deck (in the designated area) your child will be brought to you by swim staff. If you waited in your car, please pick up your child from the swim exit door to the far left of the main entrance on the sidewalk (marked as Salem Swim Child Pick Up). We ask families to “wrap & go” in a towel at the end of class, if possible. If not, you are welcome to use the on-deck restroom to change.

We will have extra staff on hand to help you with these policies as we all get used to them. They are happy to help guide you and answer any questions you might have. As we navigate the next few days and weeks we may need to make some changes to follow new guidelines, we will inform you of any changes in a timely manner.

Please keep in mind that Parent Tot and Tumbleweed classes will start later this month. Totally Kids

Camps are scheduled to start the week of June 15th and are filling up quickly. Sign up online today to reserve your spot!

This quick SLIDESHOW and full length VIDEO are good visuals for what to expect.
We cannot wait to see your faces this week! We have been working so hard to continue providing a safe, clean, and fun environment where Confidence Soars!

Gymnastics Slideshow
Salem Gymnastics Reopening Tutorial

If you will be joining us for a GYMNASTICS class soon please watch the following video for all the information you need when coming back to Salem Gymnastics & Swim. It is a little long, but there’s a lot of excellent information. If you would rather catch the highlights we will have a quickstart slideshow available on our website soon. An email will also be coming to everyone enrolled. We can’t wait to see you!!

Posted by Salem Gymnastics & Swim on Sunday, May 31, 2020
Swim Slideshow
Salem Swim Reopening Tutorial

If you will be joining us for a SWIM class soon please watch the following video for all the information you need when coming back to Salem Gymnastics & Swim. It is a little long, but there’s a lot of excellent information. If you would rather catch the highlights we will have a quickstart slideshow available on our website soon. An email will also be coming to everyone enrolled. We can’t wait to see you!!

Posted by Salem Gymnastics & Swim on Sunday, May 31, 2020

Safety Updates — Published May 22nd

Since we closed our doors nearly ten weeks ago, we have been working hard to be sure our facility is as safe as possible for your return.  Here are some of the many steps we have taken:

  • We have closed the locker rooms and removed the tables, chairs, bleachers and cubbies from the lobby. 
  • We have temporarily closed the foam pits
  • We have set up one way traffic patterns for both our gymnastics and swim students 
  • Our facility has been marked off with 6’ personal distancing reminders
  • We have placed plexiglass shields at the Lobby Station and in the Business Office, and hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility
  • We have upgraded the UV and filter systems, giving our pools the highest quality swimming water possible
  • We have re-trained our entire staff on updated teaching styles and safety protocols
  • Additional signage has been placed throughout the facility to remind everyone how to stay safer

What WILL change moving forward:

  • Face masks will be required of all adults in the lobby
  • We ask that only one adult/child enters our building
  • Every person entering our facility will be verbally screened and required to use hand sanitizer
  • Each student is asked to enter the facility already dressed for class, and to bring a bag for their shoes and other needs.  They will carry their bag with them from station to station and will put their shoes back on before leaving class. Swim students are asked to “wrap & go” in a towel as they leave the facility.
  • Our swim staff will wear face shields, allowing us to share our friendly smiles while providing healthy protection in the pool
  • Our gymnastics staff will give instructions from an 8’ distance, and will wear a face mask when they move in closer to spot your children
  • We will be sanitizing the gymnastics equipment and pool toys between each class.

What will NEVER change:

  • Our commitment to providing the finest children’s programming in the area
  • Our passion for growing strong, confident children through movement
  • The water safety that is instilled into your children in both our wet and dry programs.
  • The fun giggles and smiles that each child experiences at Salem!

We can’t wait to see you back in the pool and on the gym floor soon!

Gym Updates — Published April 23rd

It’s been 39 days since we made the decision to close our doors for the health of our students, their families, and our staff. While this time is full of much uncertainty there is one thing we know for sure: Salem Gymnastics & Swim will be opening stronger than ever.

Our full-time staff has been hard at work (while staying socially distant) on everything from painting, paperwork, lesson plans, pump room improvements, equipment arrangement, and more!

April Update — Published April 1st

To our Salem Gymnastics & Swim Families,

 We miss all of you so much and hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe.  Thankfully, the Salem Staff is all well. We have been putting this time to good use, working hard on both the facility and the structure of our company.  Our goal is to re-open stronger and cleaner than ever. We look forward to sharing it all with you!

 In the meantime, we have made a series of fun gymnastics videos for you to enjoy at home.  You may have seen these on Facebook or Instagram, but we wanted to be sure you have them all at your fingertips! We sure have had fun making them!

To view our “Circle Time with Mr. Jeff” videos click here

To view our “Beginner and Intermediate Exercise” videos click here

If there is anything we can do to help you, please let us know. Stay healthy and safe and wash your hands!  Thanks for choosing Salem Gymnastics & Swim!


Kenny & Beth Morphis
Co-owners, Salem Gymnastics & Swim


COVID-19 Update — Published March 20th

Dear Salem Gymnastics & Swim families,

It’s been a tough week.  Last Friday we shared news of our sparkling clean facility and hopes of continuing to offer classes during uncertain times.  It quickly became apparent that this was not possible or prudent and, after nearly 40 years in business, we have closed our doors for the foreseeable future.

Over the past few days we have been overwhelmed by words of support, via email and through social media. It has given us encouragement that, even though we are all in isolation, our community continues to work through this crisis together.

Graciously, several of you have asked how you can help us through this difficult time. We fully realize that we are not the only ones who have suddenly found themselves without income, and if this is you, please disregard this email. We feel for you, and certainly don’t want to add any pressure to your current situation.

However, one of our main goals now is to ensure our fabulous staff is taken care of. We have cut expenses to the bare bones and unfortunately have had to furlough 41 amazing people. The salaried employees remain, working hard on the facility and updating systems and curriculums so that Salem will emerge stronger than ever. We are determined to keep them working throughout the closure so they do not lose their health insurance benefits. Any funds we collect prior to re-opening will go toward that goal.

If you would consider “opting in” to paying your normal tuition through the closure we would certainly be grateful. In return, we will place makeup classes on your account that never expire, or that can be used as credits toward future special events. Please do not feel any pressure to “opt in” – we understand everyone needs to make the best decision for their family’s unique situation. But if you are able, we hope you will consider it.

If you do wish to “opt-in” to continued billing through the closure to receive future make-ups/special event credits, please respond to this email letting us know.

If you do not wish to do this, you do not need to take any further action. Your account will not be charged.

Again, we appreciate the overwhelming support we have been receiving from all of you. We miss your children so much and look forward to seeing you all again soon.  Thanks for choosing Salem Gymnastics & Swim!


Kenny & Beth Morphis


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