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What is the best age to start swim lessons?

One of the most common questions for any swim school is “when is the best time to enroll my child in lessons?” Fortunately, this has an easy answer: the sooner the better! Salem Gymnastics & Swim is proud to offer lessons starting at the age of three months because we understand the advantages of being in the water for ALL ages. Did you know

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Beginner and Intermediate Gymnastics Exercises

Hello, Salem Gymnastics families! We know you are probably missing being in the gym almost as much as we miss having you here! But don’t worry, we are gonna help your gymnast stay in shape so they can come back as strong as ever. Beginner and intermediate gymnasts can use the following videos up to three times a day to get in your stretching

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Circle Time with Mr. Jeff

Winston-Salem families, we understand these are uncertain times, and many of us are spending a lot of time in our homes. So, we are excited to offer you some home instruction videos to get your kiddos up and moving with the one and only Mr. Jeff! We hope these help fill your home lots of fun, movement, and music. Please feel free to share

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Happy April from Beth and Kenny

To our Salem Gymnastics Families, We miss all of you so much and hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe.  Thankfully, the Salem Staff is all well. We have been putting this time to good use, working hard on both the facility and the structure of our company.  Our goal is to re-open stronger and cleaner than ever. We look forward to sharing

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Summer camp schedule is here!

Salem’s fabulous Totally Kids Camp summer schedule has begun! Join us for one of our 30+ Totally Kids Camps Space is limited, and our camps are fill up quickly.  Don’t miss out! Find complete information and register today for weekly classes by using the “Camps” tab on the home page. We can’t wait to see you then!

The Surprising Academic Benefits of Swim Lessons

It has long been known that swimming is not only a lifesaving skill, it is a fun, healthy form of exercise. But researchers at Australia’s Griffith University found that swimming lessons actually teach a whole lot more than just bubble blowing and back floats – they give preschoolers a jump start on academics. In fact, their study showed that kids who took year-round swimming

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Top 10 Reasons Summer Gymnastics is Sensational

 Gymnastics is a muscle memory sport Muscle memory is the ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought, acquired as a result of frequent repetition of that movement.  Much like playing an instrument gymnastics take practice-consistent practice.  Engaging in classes at Salem Gymnastics during the summer months ensures regular practice and increases progress.  More gym space Summer hours allow us to spread classes

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Meet Matthew, age 3

See 3 year old Matthew calmly back float, then swim forward back to the platform unassisted! At Salem Gymnastics & Swim we love watching all our students grow in ability and confidence.  Matthew started swimming with us as a baby shortly after opening our swim program, and it has been a joy watching him go from timid to fearless! Recently Matthew’s mother, Ann, sat

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Understanding Swimming Levels

If you’re a new, or soon-to-be, swim parent you may be curious about what exactly swimming levels are and how they work. In short, swimming levels are specific skill sets grouped together which swimmers practice & master over time. You may be asking yourself if all swim levels are the same no matter the swim program and you’d be right to ask. The truth

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Fall schedule is now live!

We are now taking registrations for our back-to-school classes in gymnastics, swim, & dance. Simply click on the program of your choice and make your selection. Unsure of what level to enroll your child in?  We can help! School year swim classes begin July 30th. School year gymnastics & dance classes begin September 6th. Capital Martial Arts program is ongoing!

Salem Swim Opens July 30th

It’s official!  The water is in, inspections are forthcoming, intensive staff training is set, and classes begin Saturday, July 30! Read about the progress here, as reported in the July 2016 issue of Forsyth Family magazine: Salem Gymnastics Expansion and New Salem Swim Center by Meghan E.W. Corbett Anyone who has experience with Salem Gymnastics knows what a fantastic experience it offers kids of

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The Benefits of Year-Round Swimming

Here at Salem Gymnastics & Swim, we are excited to introduce year-round swimming to children in the Triad. Our program is year-round because becoming a great swimmer doesn’t happen only in the summertime or during a 6-week session. Children need to spend steady, consistent time in the water during their developmental years to become comfortable and competent swimmers. Our swim school is designed to

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Try a One Day Mini-Camp

Newly added:  One Day Mini Camps! These mini-camps give you a fun taste of Salem and still leaves lots of free time for your little one. Choose from Olympics, Power Rangers, Jungle Book, Princess Tea Party, Finding Dory, Octonauts, Doc McStuffins, Maze runner, Sheriff Callie Click here for complete details and to register today!

WXII TV visits Salem Gymnastics

Gymnastics is always one of the most popular events at the summer Olympics, and the popularity is felt here at Salem Gymnastics! WXII’s Kenny Beck recently visited Salem Gymnastics to discover how the interest in the Olympics drives business back here at home. You can view the whole story here!

Salem Gymnasts win Regional Gold

Congratulations to Abby Reynolds, Level 7 Region 8 Bar Champion! Abby was an alternate after the Level 7 State Competition this year, not expecting to go to the 8 State Regional Championships. However the week of Regionals, we got a call that Abby would be competing in the place of another child who had an injury. We started training routines again right away! Abby

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