Birthday Party – Children had the Time of Their Lives!

I can’t begin to thank Salem Gym and the wonderful staff that you provided to accommodate such a large party. Everything was wonderful. The staff did an awesome job and 35 children had the time of their lives. My granddaughter was made to feel so special by the lovely attention she was given in the party room and on the gym floor; the special metal, singing happy birthday day, birthday sung under the parachute; the list goes on. The tables looked fabulous and the food was served with great attention to detail. Everyone was made to feel special by your staff. It was truly more than we had ever imagined it would be. Your staff did such a good job. I could go on and on. We will always remember our granddaughters 4th birthday day party and wonderful people that made it so special. Thank you again for your time with e-mails and attention to our needs. We are so very pleased.

  • March 12, 2016

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