Learn To Swim | 6 mo-3 Yrs

Learn to Swim 6 months to 3 years


Learn-to-Swim | 6 months – 3 years

Grand Opening is slated for late June 2016. Pre-register today to secure your child’s spot in the class of your choice. Registration fee (new students) and first month’s tuition is due at the time of registration. If classes begin mid-month, your 2nd month of class will be pro-rated. ×

For more than 35 years Salem Gymnastics has taught the joys of movement through gymnastics, martial arts, dance and more. With the addition of Salem Swim, we’re excited to teach not only an important safety skill, but also the joys of movement in the water that will last a lifetime. Our priority is to teach children to swim well, to love and respect the water. We are committed to providing swim lessons that build confidence and teach water skills in a child-centered environment. Warm water, warm air, a friendly staff, small student-teacher ratios and a proven curriculum produce comfortable students who are ready to learn and thrive!


Salem Swim houses two warm water pools with state of the art filtration and sanitation systems to insure safe, clear water for our students and staff. The smaller pool is designed specifically for our youngest students, while the larger can accommodate several classes at once. The use of noodles, kickboards, mirrors, portable platforms and more mean each of our students can have an experience tailored to their needs. There are large viewing windows from the lobby to the pools, as well as exterior windows that provide both natural light and scenic views of the woods and pond. On deck showers and changing facilities are designed with families in mind.


Learning to swim well is not a skill that you can learn in just a few quick lessons, but requires time to develop and practice. Salem Swim offers year round, 30-minute lessons allowing you to make swimming a regular part of your child’s weekly activities. This is the best way to encourage and maintain the water safety and fitness benefits that swimming offers your child.


Much like our Parent/Tot Gym classes, Salem swim lessons feature songs, games, and activities that help little ones learn basic swimming skills while giving parents the tools to encourage family fun safely in the water.

There is no doubt the water provides a very special experience for young children. Babies often adapt to the water more readily than older children. The weightless environment of the water gives them a great place to exercise their young muscles while enjoying bonding time with a parent.


All children under 36 months or older children who have not been potty trained at least 6 months must wear two swim diapers to class:

    • a disposable swim diaper (Little Swimmer or other) AND
    • an approved cloth swim diaper with tight fitting elastic legs and waist

The cloth swim diaper must pass the “two-finger test”. If two fingers can be inserted under the elastic in the legs and waist, the swim diaper is too large and the child will not be permitted to enter the water. Both types of diapers are available for sale in our Front Office. 

In addition, please do not bring your child to class if he/she has had diarrhea within the past two days.

Perfect swim classes to get your child started on a lifetime of learning to safely love the water.

Parent/Tot Red Fish 6 – 18 months    |   Blue Fish  18 months – 3 years

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Red Fish Parent/Tot Summer Swim Classes - ages 6 - 18 months>>

Blue Fish Parent/Tot Summer Swim Classes - ages 18-36 months >>

Don’t be afraid of waiting lists – we make adjustments based on demand.

Please review our Learn-to-Swim Class Policies for more details.

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