New Dance-nastics Studio

New Dance Studio

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Salem Gymnastics Celebrates the Opening of New Dance-nastics Studio

There are many great ways to keep your children active and healthy! Many kids are involved in sports, ballet, karate, etc., and Salem Gymnastics is offering you a way to get your kids involved in something that combines two of the favorites-gymnastics and dance!

“Dance-nastics is a program that combines gymnastics with ballet and either tap or jazz, all in one convenient class,” said Co-owner Beth Morphis. “Dance-nastics is for girls and boys from age three through middle school, with new students welcomed every week.

Young Ballet DancerFor 35 years, the Salem Dance Studio has operated in the back corner of Salem Gymnastics. With such a high ceiling and no permanent walls, the sounds of gymnastics and karate have been quite distracting to our dancers, and it has been almost impossible for parents to observe class. Our new Dance-nastics studio is located inside the former Fitkids room, providing a quiet space that features new mirrors, new bars and a new dance floor. It also has windows that allow parents to watch class without distracting the dancers.”

Because of the 30+ years of experience working with kids of all ages, Salem Gymnastics understands the best ways to get the most out of whatever activity we choose to take part in. Knowing the way the body works and how to take care of it while exercising and having fun is of the utmost importance.

Like all programs at salem Gymnastics, Dance-nastics focuses on the whole child. By combining traditional dance with gymnastics, students work not only on upright movements, but upside-down ones, too. They strengthen both their upper and lower bodies and experience the full offerings of gymnastics training, including all Olympic events, plus trampoline. Our students think this is just a variety of fun activities, but we know that active children are not only more fit, they perform better in the classroom as well. This is why we want to keep our children moving in as many varied and challenging ways as we can, building a love for movement that lasts a lifetime. – Beth Morphis, Co-Owner, Salem Gymnastics Sports Center

For the parents, Salem Gymnastics organizes a “Gold Medal Day Recital” for all the kids to show off what they have learned! “Our streamlined ‘Gold Medal Day Recital’ is unlike any other in town,” said Morphis. “In less than one hour, our students perform their dances on the big stage inside Salem Gymnastics Sports Center, show off their gymnastics moves on the Olympic equipment, and head home wearing a shiny commemorative Gold Medal. There is no charge for recital tickets and no charge for wearing our beautiful costumes. Age-appropriate, modest choreography and costumes ensure our dancers will have an ‘all-American’ dance experience. Salem Gymnastics’ ‘Gold Medal Day Recital’ is easy for our families and is confidence-building, memorable fun for our students! Additionally, Salem Gymnastics’ Acro Dance teams will train twice each week and compete in local, regional and national competitions. Our 2015 Acro Team will compete this month in the World Dance Championships! Acro Dance teams are offered for dancers ages seven and older. 2015-16 auditions will be held in September.”

Complete class descriptions, schedules, pricing and even registration can be found on the website at Salem Gymnastics is located at 4870 Country Club Road in Winston-Salem. For more information, call 336.765.4668.

Visit our Dance-nastics page for more information.


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